Survival Food Storage: 4 Secret Storage Tips To Keep You Fed Well


The majority of my posts and information have to do with mobile survival kits. With mobile, everything is a lot more short term. This post will be different. We're going to cover food storage tips over a longer time frame. There are 4 in certain that I’d like to share. Find more info on earthquake kit list here.

TIP # 1 - Bug Protections

Ever opened up a bag of rice that you've had stowed away for a while just to have moths and bugs inside? Moths love rice, veggies and virtually anything else they can get into. They will eat right through your vacuum sealed bags to get to the food within.

IDEA # 2 - MRE's the Eternal Meal

Meals Ready to Eat (MRE's) are something you can't disregard in your food storage strategy. There are different menu strategies with a range of breakfast and vegetable options. Obviously, it's not like dining in a restaurant at Ruth's Chris Steak House. They provide an excellent quantity of calories and nutrition when it comes to survival.

TIP # 3 - Nutrition

While storage is vital, nutrition is exactly what it's all about. Here are 10 Essential Foods To Include In Your Food Storage.

The wish list above consists of very fundamental foods to assist you survive an emergency situation or disaster for 6 whole months.

POINTER # 4 - Oxygen and Chemical Damage

You can combine Mylar, oxygen absorbers and pails to allow foods like dried wheat to last a very long time. Instead of opening up a big pail of grain, divide it up into mini-packs and put them into the container.

Rice works well in big plastic food grade containers with airtight covers. The cover is crucial, because it will contribute to your ability to store food for many years. You wish to find lids that have a gasket running around the edges for an airtight seal.

Typically, number 2 food grade containers are best. They keep damaging chemical compounds from entering your food. There need to be a recycling symbol on each bucket with a number that's under the number 8.