When it comes to preparedness, people often worry about storing food and water, but not medical supplies, a local natural health expert said.

Jon Roberts, founder of Survival Medical, is serving the untapped niche of medical supply storage. He’s discovered how to preserve the functionality of items like cotton gauze or triple-antibiotic ointment so people could use them right away, or years down the road.

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We survived for four days eating nothing but survival food

Let’s face it: None of us are prepared for the end of the world. Not just because we’re all computer monkeys with soft hands and feeble blacksmithing skills, but also because the vast majority of us just haven’t stockpiled enough food, fuel, water, and emergency blankets in our nuclear bunkers. Some intrepid souls are doing that, though—filling their garages with food and their survivalist websites with chatter about how to cook with the sun, poop in a hole, and learn to tell time by the stars. For The A.V. Club’s latest Taste Test challenge, we assigned adventurous eater Dennis Lee to live as if the world was ending—in his dining room, at least.

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Winter Survival Guide For Manayunk

As the temperature starts to drop, don’t drop the ball on protecting yourself and your home from the cold this winter.

The Center for Disease Control advises people be ready for winter with these tips:

Weatherproof your home: Insulate walls and the attic, caulk and weather-strip doors and windows, have your chimney or flue inspected every year and install a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector in your home.

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Here's how to put together a winter survival kit for your car

Getting a flat tire, running out of gas, sliding into a snowbank or other problem can leave you in a dangerous situation during a snowstorm. Sure, you can call for help quickly on your cell phone (provided it's charged), but you might have to wait hours for help to arrive.

You won't have to endure an uncomfortable wait for help to arrive if you have a roadside emergency kit in your car that will get you back on the road sooner.

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Emergency crews assist in snowmobile accident

Island Park EMS and Fremont County Search and Rescue responded to a snowmobile accident on Thursday afternoon.

According to a press release from Fremont County Search and Rescue, two snowmobiles were involved in a head-on collision on Two Top Mountain.

Fremont County Dispatch received a 911 call from one of the riders, a 14-year-old who informed dispatchers he was experiencing rib and back pain and could not ride down to the ambulance.

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